ENOS® is an independent GPS search system that allows the localization and rapid recovery action of the lost or distressed diver in any marine weather condition. The system is used in scuba diving in different parts of the world: from Galapagos to the Maldives, from the Seychelles to the Black Sea, has also obtained approval from the German Maritime SaR.



SIBO.1: The 1st SMB holding an ENOS-Beacon above the surface

It is the 1st SMB with a pouch at its top to position the ENOS-Beacon here.

Now diver can already send their ENOS-Signal during the decompression stop! Especially re-breather will benefit from this SMB because they don’t make bubbles and are difficult to observe from the boat.

Supports flash-lights

Instead of ENOS-Beacon it is possible to place a flashlight in the pouch (up to 160 grams / 5.64 oz / 0.35 lbs) on the top! Thanks to the height the flash is much better to see. Of course, the flash also can be used during the decompression stop.

To avoid loss of ENOS-Beacon (or the flash) a spiral wire is attached to SIBO.1 to fix the signal devices.

Outstanding visibility

SIBO.1 is 1.85 meters long (6.07 ft) which is the reason why it is also very good visible at high waves. In spite of its measurements it has a steady bearing even in waves because of its robust material and solid manufacturing.

Additionally a big SOLAS reflector is placed on each side of the top to reflect sun light and searching spots.

Bi-coloured  –  for your safety

Due to safety reasons SIBO.1 is bi-colored, one is YELLOW, the other is ORANGE.

This ensures an optimal signal effect in all lights and visibility conditions:

- YELLOW is very good to see at cloudy sky, dawn and poor light,

- ORANGE is better to see at dazzling, glaring sun, flashy light and strong sun reflections on the surface.


SIBO.1 is delivered in a pocket with carabiner for a convenience attachment to the diving equipment. Here, the ENOS-Beacon (or the flash) also fit in it. Thus the Beacon or the flash can be attached to SIBO.1 prior the dive.

The pocket is separate and can be removed from the SMB.

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