Originally designed for the US Coast Guard rescue swimmer, the quick harness is specifically used in water rescue activities. Manufactured in MIL-SPEC fabric and stainless steel components, the quick harness offers a quick and safe means of lifting injured or shipwrecked people from both helicopter and boats. It can be placed under the arms, around the back, or over the survivor's head in one quick motion. To prevent the victim from slipping out, a side buckle was inserted in the lower part of the harness, attached to an adjustable two-fork safety strap, which is kept in a zippered pocket at the rear of the harness.

Approved for use by the US Coast Guard and NAVAIR.

Approved for airworthiness by the Department of Defense - US Army (Airworthiness Release 980-R14).

NSN 4240-01-545-6722

Colors: Upholstery in international orange with black fabric.

Weight: 2.54 lbs

The instructions and safety images are printed on the harness itself.



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