TRI-SAR is the first professional helicopter lifting rescue harness with integrated float and double recovery capability. It is standard equipment for US Navy Aviation and US Navy Surface Rescue Swimmers. Tri-SAR combines the safety of an internal body harness, the comfort of a seat harness and the safety of the integrated float. Constructed from low-profile Mil-Spec fabric with quickly adjustable stainless steel components. During lifting, the upright, slightly reclined and seated position allows free use of the hands. Ideal for rapid deployment in fast / cold waters or on cliffs. The wide bands at the legs and waist optimally distribute the weight for superior comfort and support without the use of heavy bulky padding. The float vest is easy to use and allows you to swim comfortably, with variable buoyancy up to 35 lbs. (oral or manual inflation with CO2). The enclosed shape does not require accommodation after use; it simply deflates. Supplied with pockets to hold rescue and emergency equipment. Uses 33g cylinders. of CO2. (# 484).


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