TRITON is the second generation rescue harness of LSC that can be hoisted from the helicopter, equipped with a double recovery capacity.

It represents the standard equipment for rescue swimmers of USCG Aviation and Canadian SAR Techs. Created on the base and comfort of the TRI-SAR, the TRITON offers numerous improvements including: volume reduction with the new low profile buoyancy up to 35 lbs and various pockets for equipment transferred to the waist belt for a better weight distribution and comfort.

Quick release buckles have been added to the leg straps to make the harness easier to put on and take off and to improve fit and wearability. The retrieval hook has been upgraded to the # 512 Talon II lightweight titanium type and features a locking latch.

All components and materials are resistant to corrosion in the marine environment.

Use a 31 g canister. of CO2 (# 480).

Available sizes (height): M (64 "-69") - L (68 "-73") - XL (72 "-78") - XXL (74 "-80").

Triton has been approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) with TSO C167.


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